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About Us

Limited Edition Posters

Love inspired robot posters custom created paralleling the independent feature film Memoirs of a Robot

Featured Art

Several talented artists have donated their robot inspired work as perks for donors to help fund the campaign. Please consider supporting their work and this film project by browsing their work on the campaign page for Memoirs of a Robot!

Film Production

All proceeds from the purchases made on this site or through the crowdfunding campaign go towards the funding of the feature film.

Meet our team

Mark Elias

Actor/Writer of the award winning films Boulevard of Unspoken Dreams and Golden Boy. A robot enthusiast; fascinated with relationship-based science fiction. Favorite film: Empire Strikes Back.

Patricia Mizen

MEMOIRS OF A ROBOT is an independent feature film being made possible via crowdfunding. Please visit and select your perk to donate here (insert campaign link).

Our first film, GOLDEN BOY, was fully funded with crowdfunding money and it’s World Premiere at FilmOut San Diego in June garnered several nominations and won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film Screenplay.

Our team is excited to gear up for another fiercely independent film that explores the bond between humans and artificial intelligence in the near future, but, at it’s heart, is a story of finding love, no matter what your “damage” might be.